About me

✨Hi! It's me! The woman you see on instagram with the funny artist related videos. My name is Issy I'm the woman behind Issy.Watercolors. I make handmade watercolors with only the most highly pigmented pigments, with a lot of love. 

I've studied Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing and as a child I was always creative in drawing and colours. In 2019 I decided to try watercolours. And boy! I was hooked! 

When the pandemic hit NL in March 2020, I suddenly got a lot more time to get back in my creative space. Working from home for my day job made sure I had plenty of time to paint. It caused me to explore different kinds of paper and watercolour brands. 

One day my husband was complaining to me that I buy to many watercolours... like something like that is even possible. :) But oké, I'll just make my own I said. After experimenting, failing and learning, I found my perfect recipe for my own handmade watercolours. 

But I could never make a single pan. I always had paint leftover. This is when I decided to open my Etsy shop and sell my remaining paint pans. From there, I grew from "selling leftovers" to a small business! A dream come true! 

At the end of 2021 I quit my day-job to focus all my love and energy into paintmaking and making the world a more colourful place. And here we are now! 

Welcome to SimplyIssyDesign.com. Follow my adventure and daily life on instagram @Issy.Watercolors