BirdMember Box Jan/Feb 2024 - Crystal Infused Paint

Here we are! The first one of 2024! 

And we start off with Precious Stones. The box is a smaller than the previous box, with less additional items. But that's because these paints are more worth. Crystal infused paints! But what does that mean? 


The truth on crystal paints

Did you know that unlike minerals, crystals don't have a lot of pigment when turned into powder? Just like glass, they get cloudy when damaged. So be careful when you buy from bigger brands. Some will claim it's 100% pure crystal. And the funny thing is, they're not even lying. If in the whole paint contains one little fleck of pure crystal, the brand is allowed to say: "100% pure crystal" just because that single fleck is 100% pure... Think about that. 

So what is this? 

This is why I call them "crystal infused". They contain crystal en mineral powder together with a Vintage Pigment to give the colour it's strength. 

The Amethyst is made with a Vintage Manganese Violet and Amethyst powder. The Turquoise with a mix of Vintage cobalt Blue and Emerald Green, and crushed Turquoise. 

The paint

While painting, you can start to feel the Amethyst and Turquoise powder on your brush. My advise is to first try is with one of your less expensive brushes. Crushed Amethyst and Turquoise can be quite sharp, I don't want to ruin your brushes. 

The poweder in the Amethyst is a finer grit than the Turquoise. Tiny little specks of Amethyst can be seen in your wet paint washes. While the Turquoise gives you big bold crystals. Almost like salt. 

Honest disclaimer on the image above. This was AFTER I spilled a lot of paint out of my sauce bottle. There was a blockage due to the minerals and when it popped, a burst of minerals came out with it. ;-) when you paint with your brush, it won't look like this.

I hope you enjoy them. I'd like to make more like these with other minerals and Crystals. 


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