I'm Back! We're open! + Important Info

I'm Back! We're open! + Important Info

YES! I’m back! How are you doing these days? Mine have been a rollercoaster but my hands are itching to get back into paintmaking. 🤩

First of all, thank you to all the Early Birds and Precious Bird members who are still here. ❤️ I expected some to cancel their membership, (Which I totally understand by the way. I still love you ❤️ ) but I didn’t expect so many of you who are still here 🤩 Thank you thank you thank you!

Important Info

I hate this part. But, with the situation in Urkraine and Russia, the global increase in inflation, increase of all materials and ingrown and the rising prices, I have no choice but to raise my prices as well. 🙁 Shipping prices has come up, and I need to go with the flow to keep my head above water. And pay my bills. 

Thank you for understanding. I realise not everyone has the budget to purchase items so i'm working on more budget friendly options. So everyone can enjoy the paints. I'll keep you updated. 

Happy to be back!

That’s it for my update!! Happy to be back! If you have any questions just send me a message @simply.issydesign on instagram. 

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