Genuine Azurite & Color Bombs

Genuine Azurite & Color Bombs

If you are reading this, it's finally here! The Bird Paints of November and December 2023. Let me tell you something about the items in your box. 

Genuine Azurite

Let's start with this beauty. Genuine Azurite. It's a pigment that is beloved by many artists throughout history. And yet, a lot of big brands don't carry the pigment in their watercolor collection. Most give it the "Azurite" name, but are using pigments like Ultramarine and Phthalo blue. I first thought it was because of the precious minerals being used. Making this kind of paint quite expensive. But I found out the truth. Genuine Azurite pigment is a pain in the butt! 

Genuine Azurite pigment is heavy and irregular. 

While I was mulling, I could see a cloud of brownish blue floating to the top. You can see the same in your paint pans. At first I thought it there was something wrong with my binder. The color is quite similar. But it's not the binder, it's the pigment. To understand this, we have to look at the pigment making process of Azurite. 

In short, Azurite minerals are crushed and ground up. They won't crush up the pristine stones. Those are to precious and are used in jewellery or collecting. Those stones yield more money. The pigments are made with the less pristine stones. These stones usually have other material stuck between them, like copper and iron. Making the pigment a little cloudy when poured into a halfpan. 

You can see it on your own pan. You can see a layer of brownish pigments on top. These are little impurities that float to the top while drying. 

The heavy Azurite pigments sink down to the bottom of the layer. In order to get to those, you'll need water, and patience. Drop some water in the pan, and let it chill. Longer, the better! 

The longer you wait, the more intense the colour and granulation will be. 

 You can see it in the swatch above. The bottom swatch is made directly from a wet brush, into the pan. The one above that a dwell time of a minute, and the one on top 5 minutes. 

Once you get to the good stuff, the fun can begin!


Color Bombs

YES! It's here! Something completely new. The Color Bombs. Similar to @bouldercolors pigments salts, these are pigments you can sprinkle, mix, or even dissolve into a paint. But there don't contain salt, or change colour depending on PH. Fun fact: I told @bouldercolors first of this idea. To make sure they're OK with me making something similar. And I'm so grateful for their love and support.


To avoid confusion, I've written a separate blogpost with instructions on how to use them.  you can find the link QR code underneath the little pot.

The most important thing I can tell you: ITS SUPER STAINING!!! 

PLEASE! be careful with your clothes, workspace, paper, pets, kids, plants and so on. I sweat this stuff got everywhere. Also, do not where white! I've stained a sweater and I can't get it out. 


Once you protected your workspace, have fun with it! 


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