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  • Paints for Charity

    Charity Collection for Stichting Vogelklas Karel Schot in Rotterdam, NL. Due to birdflue, some wildlife shelters had to close their doors. The Vogelklas (Translation, Bird Class) has taken most birds of these shelters. The shelter is crowded with sick birds.
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  • Perylene Green PBk32

    Wanted by many, sold by few!
    But we have it here. The beloved Perylene Green PBk32. With its captivating intensity and exquisite richness, this pigment unveils a world of artistic possibilities.
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  • Keep your brushes Clean

    When is the last time you gave your brushes a good cleanse? Our Sweet Jasmine Tea scent will have your painting tools smelling fresh and the red clay is there to make sure heavy pigment comes out clean.
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